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My journey to big wave surfing

Born in 1974 into a family of windsurfers, grown up in Graz, Southern California, Florida and Colorado/USA

In 1993 relocation to Maui/Hawaii as professional windsurfer, rapid change to big wave surfing

Direct involvement in, and contribution to, the development of tow-in surfing (wave riding in big waves by means of jet skis) from its very beginning, intensive focus on technical aspects

1994: First European who surfed “Jaws“

Since 1995 professional big wave surfer, sponsors like Vans, Red Bull and Marui, participation in worldcups, surf trips with professional photographers (Alaska, Todos, Fiji et cetera), active in international surf film productions

Since 1999 focus of life in Graz, big wave seasons (October – March) still in Maui/Hawaii

2017: First Austrian who surfed the wave in Nazaré on an “XXL day“ – therefore one among an elite group of 20-30 international surfers who are surfing Nazaré´s so-called “Big Days“.

I am an ordinary person having an extraordinary passion:
I surf the world’s biggest waves